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Xycrylic Admix


Xycrylic Admix is a water-based, high solids, polymer dispersion specifically designed for fortifying portland cement compositions.


This liquid is milky-white in color and improves curing qualities, enhances bond, imparts excellent water and weather resistance, and reduces shrinkage cracking. Xycrylic Admix is also used to fortify Xypex Patch’n Plug. Cement mortars modified with Xycrylic Admix are hard, tough and durable. Compared with unmodified mortars, Xycrylic modified mortars have far superior flexural, adhesive and impact strengths as well as excellent abrasion resistance. They are especially useful where thin sections are desirable and where excessive vibration and heavy traffic is encountered. Cement mortars modified with Xycrylic Admix are resistant to many industrial chemicals as well as ultraviolet light and heat.


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